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RED QUESTIONS [TURN ME ON] by christine herzer
(Original work to appear in Vertebrae, a journal of literature and art, Issue II. Published with permission)
How do you keep yourself empty? 
What do you want from art?
How old is your sadness?
How do you show affection for your mind?
What have you learnt from watching the moon?
Have you been broken, was it a gift?
What do you keep under your bed?
Have you cut out people from your life?
How long have you gone without showering?
How long have you gone without speaking?
Where do you keep your passport?
Do you resent your heart?
Do you keep a spiritual practice?
How to be with doubt?
What is the texture of doubt?
How often have you watched TITANIC? 
Do you know your purpose?
Can we discuss Kafka’s ‘The Hunger Artist’?
How do you understand this sentence by Can Xue “Once one leaves here, one is thoroughly invalidated by history.”?
What’s inside your fridge?
Do you value elegance? 
Have you intentionally left behind an object/belongings in a hotel room? Say more…
Do you know your boundaries?
When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom?
When was the last time you saw snow?
What is your idea of fun?
Describe your relationship to floors.
Do you have a pain in someone else?
When was the last time you said I LOVE YOU?
When was the last time someone told you I LOVE YOU?
Tell me about a time when you did not recognize yourself.
What do you tell yourself when you feel ugly?
Do you keep alcohol in your home?
Do you pray?
What do you do with your anger?
What do you perceive as ugly in yourself?
How often do you make meaning?
Do you have contempt for another person? Who?
Describe your relationship with language.
Can language be eaten?
What do you look for in punishment?
Are you free? How do you know?
Does the word ‘Integrity’ feel important to you, and how do you honor it?
Do you believe in choice?
“The body never lies.” Has this been true for you?
Who are you protecting?
Do you touch where you feel resistance?